Ultimate PC Tuneup Combo

Have a top rated PC technician tune your PC!

And get a license for the #1 rated PC tuneup software!

All for $100. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Even the #1 top rated software product for PC tuneups is weak by nature due to being so automated with a limited set of features. It has real value to offer, but can't compete well with a skilled human who uses it as one tool in a toolbox plus has other additional tools ready. A skilled human technician is much better able to customize tuning with such software rather than doing a one click type tuneup like most people would do. Also a skilled human technician is able to answer questions over the phone unlike automated software. We offer an ultimate combo package where you get a legal licened copy of the #1 rated PC Tuneup software (for your whole house) in addition to having a top rated human technician manually tuning your computer.

With our PC Tuneup package, in addition to getting a top rated human tech working on your computer we're including a licensed copy of iolo's System Mechanic Premium (PC Magazine #1 rated tuneup software) that you get to keep. It's licensed software where each copy we had to buy. You get a license key and are allowed to install it on as many computers as you want inside of a single household.

We pay monthly for the same commercial software as GeekSquad and HP to allow over the internet remote desktop control. It's very easy to get running. We have a 5 out of 5 star average review on Yelp with RockstarComputerHelp.com. Our Yelp page is linked to on this sites homepage and it would be impossible for us to fake.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If not satisfied pay only what you feel service was worth.

Ultimate PC Tuneup (includes System Mechanic Premium) - $100

If you have any questions or issues ordering, give us a call at: (888)333-3071 . After purchasing be sure to click the "Return to merchant" button and you will get a form to submit your contact info. After we get it we will contact you to schedule a day and time to do your tuneup.