Remote Support

We can help users nationwide remotely over the internet. We use the same professional remote software as Geek Squad called Rescue from

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Remote Support

We can help customers remotely over the internet in a huge number of cases if your computer stays online stable. If you're not sure if your issue is suited for remote support, just contact us and we can advise you.

To make remote support easy and safe, we pay monthly for the same expensive software GeekSquad and HP use by called Rescue.

Once we talk and plan to engage in remote support, you will be given a six digit pin code and you go to , enter that pin code, and a couple clicks later we will have a chat window open. Remote control is then requested by the technician and only available until the session ends (custom can click the end button at any time). No remote access software stays enabled on the computer once you terminate the session.

Screenshots of Remote Support Session

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