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We went that extra mile and actually developed impressive software for our customers.

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To both help our customers and to help our business stand out, we've developed our own custom software that provides great value. To some people this software could wind up being worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

With our free software users in a lot of cases can get an early alert about hard drive failure being predicted. User's should always have a good backup solution, but if by chance a person is behind on backups this early warning could make the difference of not losing super valuable files. That early alert would likely trigger the user going to backup their data rather than letting time keep going by with the drive health worsening leading to possible data loss.

Also coming soon we will be adding temperature monitoring functionality. The same type of issue exists with it. Modern computers have assorted temperature sensors inside them, but usually don't have software installed that monitors the details. For instance mabye a user has their laptop on a flat fabric surface blocking ventilation, it had temperature sensors know it's in the hot zone where it's likely hurting the lifespan of the computer, and yet the user doesn't realize. We have a new version in the works that will help in this area plus improve the hard drive monitoring.

Main Screen

Current Version: 0.96

(Supports 32 or 64bit: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10)